3 Lessons About Change

It doesn’t seem so long ago! In 2013, I decided to give my best shot at gaining as much muscle and weight as I could in one year. I enrolled in a program called Scrawny to Brawny (S2B), which is a part of my nutrition certifying company Precision Nutrition (PN).

The structure of S2B is similar to the PN Coaching programs for men and women. However, in S2B we take some of the lessons people learn in the PN Coaching programs, which is more about losing weight and body fat, and flipped them around. Just add in some other pieces here and there and viola – a dude gets jacked!

Check out some of the pictures of what this program does, and more specifically what following simple habits for 12 months does.

So over the course of twelve months I went from 190 lbs and ended up 230 lbs. At the end, I took some final pictures you can see below. The first picture was from the beginning of the year.

s2b finalist image
I sucked at trying to do this “non-flexing” lat pose thing. I couldn’t figure it out- all well! 




Is this the world’s greatest transformation? NO, but honestly, it was the best I came up with for one year of work, and the most important part is that I did it comfortably. I did not worry about if I was doing things 100% perfect. I followed the plan and took each day as it came. All it took was a systematic approach to change and then a little bit of the secret sauce:


LESSON 1: There is no other limiting factor to making a change other than consistency.

At the end of the program, I was selected as a finalist for the grand prize of $10,000, but I didn’t get it.

DAMN IT! I should have done more…

I should have done more interval training. I should have eaten less sweets and baked foods. I should have started the weight cut sooner.

Something I have learned from PN coaching is the word “should” is a human’s gateway fairy-tale-land. We say, “I should have…” or, “I wish…” or, “Only if…” because the ends of those statements  always reveal an alternate and favorable reality.

Saying that I should have done more intervals to make my photos above look better may be correct in the perfect world that has me $10,000 richer. However, in reality I did not prioritize some things, and ultimately my actions got me exactly where wanted to be.

LESSON 2: Stay checked in with reality, and live with or change WHAT IS rather than worry about WHAT SHOULD BE or SHOULD’VE BEEN.

If 10 grand was on the line, why didn’t I prioritize interval sprints?

My answer:
At that time, I did not value doing them or the results I would get, which would have been increased calorie burning and potentially more muscular looking photos above.

Why didn’t I value those results; isn’t that what everyone wants!?

My answer:
My identity at that moment for various reasons was to be bigger (this could be a discussion with in itself), so my thought process and actions (regardless of flaws) were geared toward lifting heavy and eating a lot of food.

LESSON 3: To create successful behavior change (Action), constantly check-in to create a polished understanding of three things:

  1. What is my identity? Who do I believe I am or who do I want to be?
    1. Notice this is not a “should” kind of statement.
    2. On a more general scale: Am I a failure or broken? Am I an always successful professional or am I a masterpiece in progress?
  2. What are my current values related to this change (or no change)?
    1. What is deeply important to me?
      1. Answer “why?” a few times to figure these out.
  3. What are my current priorities at this point in my life?
    1. Many times people say they want to prioritize health and fitness, but their real priority is relaxation and comfort
      1. This is me!

Bringing it all together!

If you are wanting to make some lifestyle changes that will help you lose weight, drop body fat, or gain weight and get jacked (or any number of things), you have to figure out why it is important before you start. Then you have to keep reminding yourself all the way through the journey!

That “why” is going to be the rock that supports you when things start to suck!

More good news: If you want to actually put into practice a health and fitness behavior change, you can get to work by checking out my brand new BEST Nutrition Coaching program powered by PN Pro Coach!

This is a 12 month nutrition coaching program that has you practice two habits for two weeks at a time for a total of 24 habits in the year. At the end of the year you will make a radical transformation and know exactly how to maintain it!

Rather than telling yourself “I should do this.” check out the link below and stay checked-in with reality.

BEST Nutrition Coaching

Embrace the journey,


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