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Pictured: Past winner, Mike Pollifrone, was our 2017 Fall Transformation Challenge winner!

How did your new year’s health and fitness resolution turn out in 2017?

Most likely, at the beginning of 2017 you were one of many people who thought it was time to take control of your health and fitness. You sensed the busyness of your life and the weight of EVERYONE ELSE’S needs, and you wanted to do something for your own health and sanity. Then you blinked and it’s now December. You forgot to get started because (naturally) everyone else comes before you. How noble of you. 🙂

Well, I want to help. And I have different plans for you this holiday season.

I am holding a 28-Day Christmas Charity Challenge!

First of all, I want to get you a head start coming into 2018. No more waiting through the holidays. No more prioritizing the little, silly things over your health and fitness.

Secondly, this holiday season my priority is to give every dollar from this transformation challenge to a non-profit organization called The Basement Outreach Ministries. All the proceeds from this challenge will support their ministry which includes:

  • Tuesday Evening Family Meal
  • Food Distribution & Delivery
  • Utility & Rent Assistance
  • Clothing & Hygiene Products Distribution
  • Life & Recovery Group
  • Mentoring
  • Visitation
  • Response to Community Referrals

In addition, there is a second organization associated with The Basement, God’s Refuge House, which has a mission of housing and helping women in recovery.

The BEST transformation system has been very successful and it will simplify your fat loss journey in a way that no one else has been able to. So, give BEST at least 28 days to start your success story and come roaring into the new year with a few new habits and a great community behind you to keep you accountable. 

Starting Monday December 11, 2017 and leading up to January 6, 2018, BEST is helping you drop weight and inches and assisting low to moderate income families and women in recovery in the Greater Warren, OH community.

Join us!

Package Details

  • $50 minimum donation Reserves 1 week (up to 5 training sessions)
  • $100 donation Reserves 2 weeks (up to 10 training sessions)
  • $150 donation Reserves Unlimited training sessions/wk for 4 weeks (up to 20 training sessions)
  • BEST Transformation Success Manual
  • BEST Recipe Manual
  • 6 weeks of nutrition habit plans delivered through email
  • Weekly meal trackers
  • Connect with Coach Zack & other challengers for personal motivation via private Facebook page

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transformation, body transformation

“Before the program, lifting weights and being comfortable in a weight room was an area I lacked in. I’ve seen many stories of lifting vs. cardio and would not have fully believed the amazing results I would experience until I performed it for 6 weeks. Wow! Huge difference. Very happy with my results. I WAS NOT TRULY CONCERNED ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT. I wanted to lose fat, gain strength and become more confident in the weight room. I did more than that! In 6 weeks, I shed only 5 pounds but I lost 4 inches in my waist, 1 inch in each thigh, 1 inch around my bottom and 3 pant sizes!”


  • 1st Place – FREE entry into the New Years 60 day Transformation Challenge or $1,000 off any 18 or 12 month membership
  • 2nd Place – 50% off entry into the New Years 60 Day Transformation Challenge or $500 off any 18 or 12 month membership
  • 3rd Place – 2 months free for any 12 or 18 month membership

Results are based on a subjective assessment of before and after photos and total weight lost. Votes from all challengers and BEST clients will be taken in-house. All challengers cast a single vote, and the person with the most votes is the winner.

In the event of a tie, before and after photos of the BESTies will be posted on the BEST Facebook page for 24 hours and the winner will be decided by the BEST community at large!

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Weekly Training Availability

Day Morning Evening
Monday 5:30 AM or 6:15 AM 6:15 PM
Tuesday 6:15 PM
Wednesday 5:30 AM or 6:15 AM 6:15 PM
Thursday 6:15 PM
Friday 5:30 AM or 6:15 AM  –
Saturday 9:00 AM  –


  • Beginning weigh-in must take place between Dec 9 and Dec 15.
  • Final weigh-in must be completed between Dec 30 and Jan 6th.
  • All contestants must complete the information and liability forms.
  • All contestants are recommended to complete three (3) workouts per week and stay at least 90% compliant with nutrition habits for maximum results.
  • Mandatory weigh-ins are done every two (2) weeks at BEST. If any challenger misses a weigh-in, he/she will be disqualified from the prizes. You must complete your weigh-ins before the deadline dates. (It is the responsibility of each challenger to weigh-in before the deadline, not that of the Byler Elite Strength Training team).
  • Weigh-ins will take place without shoes, with shorts and a t-shirt; any other clothing is the challenger’s decision.
  • A minimum of ten (10) challengers must enter for cash prizes to be eligible. If at least ten (10) challengers do not register, no cash prizes will be given.
  • The grand prize remains the same even if challenger enrollment exceeds ten (10).
  • No refunds are given after the first week of the challenge.

Your Transformation Challenge starts on Monday, December 11, 2017!

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One thought on “Christmas Charity Challenge

  1. Good morning,

    I am just checking in to see if the sign ups for the December transformation challenge are over? I also wanted some details about the challenge. Is this for people that already have been working out? I am extremely out of shape & probably pretty weak so I’m not sure if this would be the right thing for me. Is each session dedicated to the individual or to the group? I am also wondering how may times you need to come per week? I know this week I can only participate 3 times, Monday, Tuesday, & Saturday.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.

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