Do you ever feel like a zombie? Sometimes you just feel lifeless, and your purpose for life is out of grasp. Your routine is a bit too routine and isn’t REALLY moving you along anymore, or maybe it is even hurting you somehow.

Let’s think about what do zombies do: They grunt and scream and in groups they mill around all day until they come across something to eat. Eating is the highlight of their (undead)existence. If we can actually call it their goal, eating is their ONLY outcome goal.

It’s a pretty sad existence. They lack purpose, but the real problem with Zombies (other than the fact that they are dead) is that they don’t have conscious behavior that leads them to their one and only goal. They have no intentional focus that can change how they get from goal accomplishment to goal accomplishment. They do the same thing every single day – day in and day out.

So if I was coaching a Zombie the goal setting session would look like this:

Mr. Zombie, what is you outcome goal?
…argh…eat braaains…

Ok…no judgement on this side of the table! So, what behaviors do you have already that will begin making that happen?
…Wait until a stupid human trips in the woods and then eat him or her – no preferences.
…Mill around with my undead friends and follow anything that makes noise

Ok, is there anything else you can do differently to be more successful?

At this point…I’ve got nothing for our zombie friend, but I hope you get the idea!

Seriously now, I know you have some outcomes you desire to complete. You may say you want to run a 5K, lose 30 lbs, bench press 200 lbs, eat better, etc… Those are all great outcome goals. Congratulations! You have the first step down.

Now, you need to set your behavior goals. What are you actually going to do to reach those outcomes? What are your critical next steps you can do today?
Just remember that behavior goals are commitments to a specific set of tasks that are implemented to lead TOWARD a particular outcome goal.

I say toward because you aren’t guaranteed to accomplish your goal. Reaching a goal is out of your control. In some cases you will accomplish the goal, but in many more cases you will need to adjust behaviors along the way to get continued progress (this is what zombies can’t do).

Stop being a zombie today and make some behavior changes!

Behavior goals are things done consistently and regularly.

They are manageable and COMPLETELY in your control.

They are things you can do right now. (you can’t lose 20 lbs right now…sorry…but you CAN cut out some of your soda intake…)

Today, you are going to reverse engineer your outcome goal. I want you to take out a sheet of paper and draw 4 circles on it:

In the first circle you will write your outcome goal.

In the second circle, you will write what you will do THIS MONTH that will point you at your goal.

In the third circle you will write something you will do THIS WEEK that is a smaller piece of the behavior you will do this month

In the fourth circle you will write something you will do TODAY that is a smaller piece of the behavior you will do this week.

Alright, just get that done today! I would like you to get back to me with the 4 things you wrote down.

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