I want you to check your consistency before you complain that you aren’t seeing results.

Today I have a simple message and lesson for you. In the fitness industry, there are not many things that can be classified as GOOD or BAD. Unless you have moral convictions or medical conditions that determine your diet, no food is good, no food is bad. When is comes to fat loss for the general population, no one diet is better than another.

All that matters is your consistency.

One of the things I tell all BESTies is to put their scientist hat on when trying to make nutritional changes. Scientific decisions are supposed to be based on hard data and evidence.

Not feelings.
Not subjective perceptions.

Just think about this: The typical person is juggling a handful of things (probably more important that weight loss) on a daily basis. There is no way you can remember what you ate for every meal, the macro nutrient profile, and all the calories, if you aren’t recording it, or following a detailed plan that is written out for you.

You can’t build a plan unless you can analyze results and draw conclusions. And you can’t analyze results and draw conclusions if you did not track any data to begin with!

Remember the ol’ saying, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Well, this is isn’t as poetic, but you can add this one to the “list of negative sayings,” “If you don’t track your meals, you have no clue whether your diet is ‘good’ or not.”

So…. I’m going to help ya out! I am giving you the Tier 1 BEST Meal Trackers for men and women! This is the starting point. Track your meals for 2-4 weeks using these portion size guides, and then you will have enough data to validate your reasons for needing more or less food.

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Precision Nutrition Guides

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