It’s time to get un-stuck, and I am here to help.

I got a text message this weekend from one of the BESTies about how she is putting everyone else first and has to miss training. I said it’s OK to help others…

But consider this.

Neglecting yourself is not good for you or those who depend on you. The only way you can keep attending to your many responsibilities is to maintain your physical and mental abilities. Otherwise, your responsibilities just trip you up and bog you down.

I know that it is hard to find time to focus on you. I’d bet that even when you finally do take some time for yourself, you probably start to feel a bit guilty about focusing too much time on yourself. Competing demands try to pull you right back down.

Yet, once your health starts declining, you will have no choice but to help yourself. And…the other demands will probably still be there too. So what is going to give way???

It is difficult to get out of the mud.

Yes, starting is hard. In fact, it is probably the hardest part.

One of the questions I like to ask at assessments is, “What is good about NOT changing (ie. going on this fitness journey)?” The idea is for a person to defend their current lifestyle.

Usually, people have no defense for their current lifestyle, they are stuck in the mud and it’s too hard to change:

Maybe you’ve “started” before and failed.

Maybe you have no idea where you will find the time to exercise.

Maybe you just don’t know what to eat or do.

Today, I had an assessment with a new BESTie, and he is a really smart guy. Sooo self-aware, and that is a good thing. All he needs (all any one of us needs) is to JUST START.

There is not a perfect time to start – it doesn’t matter if you start on a Monday, the first of the month, or whatever random rationalization your brain will come up with to delay your start time. Any one day is as good as any other – again, there is no perfect time to start.

There is no special magic here for you…JUST START…doing any little thing you normally don’t do to take care of yourself.

It’s impossible to screw this up!

Listen up!

Unless you plan on dying at the end of this year and you have from now until then to do everything you ever wanted to do, and do it perfectly, then YOU CANNOT SCREW UP FITNESS AND LIFESTYLE CHANGE!

…as long as you never quit.

The only reason people “fail” on their diets, do not reach fitness goals, regain all the weight they lose, etc…is because they gave up on the journey at some point. They got bogged down, hit a dead end, and turned around. They stopped learning, searching for answers, and asking for help. When the going got tough, stopping was more appealing than persisting.

So, just start and tell yourself that you will never quit regardless of how slow your progress is. You will never quit regardless of how lost you feel or uncertain you are. There is always someone who can help, and trying everything is far more reasonable than giving up and lying in the mud.

Is fitness and lifestyle change a value or not? It is as simple as that. The people who thrive in life are the people who act on their values.

It’s Yours.

You’ve dreamed about it long enough.

Make mid-May 2019 the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Thousands of people just like you are doing it and have done it. You aren’t broken. You aren’t too busy. You aren’t too old. You aren’t [insert any other insult to yourself here].

It’s time to start. We’ll get you un-stuck and feeling better than you ever have.

If you’re reading this and you’re ready to start, I have one way I can help you get happier and healthier. Hit the contact button above and request a custom fitness consultation.

We’ll sit down together and discuss your goals, simple steps you can take to achieve them, and see if there is a way to work together to give you the coaching and support you need to get the results you want quickly.

Love ya,

Coach Zack

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