About Us

2018-team.jpgAt BEST we are lifelong students of movement and strength and conditioning. From the beginning, one of the driving passions behind opening BEST is the long term development of athletes and the general population.

It is too often that under-developed youth athletes are specializing in sports but exercising inappropriately or without purpose. Likewise, I see people starting and failing diets, believing promises that cannot be kept from fitness “professionals” while new fad-diets and nutrition crazes pop up all the time.

At BEST we don’t do diets, we aren’t crazy nutrition people, and we don’t specialize in anything except being evidence-based.

BEST incorporates an in-depth study of human movement and function with purposeful, methodical and individualized program design so that not only the physical aspects of a body are developed, but also the mental. Experience has told us lifestyle changes are difficult to create and maintain. The X’s and O’s of making you stronger, move better, and feel better are what we do best, but to create real inward and outward change a person needs time to figure out their “why.”


Effort is the underlying factor for all things we aspire to do. Most often, passion and success is preceded by consistent choices to put forth both physical and mental effort even when things seem bleak or boring. We refer to this as the grind. During the grind your mind will say this is boring or this is not working, but continuous effort creates results.


Passion can become the driving force on the road to attaining goals and ultimately success. It is too difficult to find success when there is not strong enthusiasm for the efforts being made. You must know “why” you want something before you can attain it and you have to remind yourself of it every day.


Success is the result of putting forth continuous effort and knowing your passion. Success is only an outcome and should not be the sole focus. If we can focus on correct behaviors (Effort) and enthusiastically believing in the process (Passion) then we can have the desired outcomes (Success). Ultimately we will learn that health, fitness, and athleticism is not a short term destination, it is a long journey that we must embrace!

“There is no talent here. This is hard work, this is an obsession. Talent doesn’t exist. We are all equals as human beings. You could be anyone. If you put in the time, you will reach the top and that’s that. So, I am not talented, I am obsessed”

– Conor McGregor