BEAST University Baseball Challenge


Want your athlete to be a more complete player this fall? 

Of course you do.

Purchase the BEAST University 6 Week Transformation Challenge

So, the better question is: “To gain the competitive edge, what are my options?”

  1. Do nothing, and hope your athlete just gets it by playing fall ball and practicing with the high school team.
  2. Purchase a membership to a local gym and hope your athlete knows what to do.
  3. Hire a mediocre personal coach and hope skill-specific training is the golden ticket.

Stop hoping and take the BEST step toward optimizing potential.

Byler Elite Strength Training (BEST) is the only strength and conditioning facility in Trumbull County that specializes in youth performance enhancement and baseball player development.

We call it BEAST University.

BEAST U. wants to work directly with you and your baseball player to enhance physical appearance (through nutrition habits) and athletic potential in preparation for the coming spring and summer baseball seasons.

How to Sign Up:

  1. Purchase the BEAST University 6 Week Transformation Challenge

Spots Limited to 12 Athletes

This fall, from October 9 to November 18, BEAST University is looking for a select group of highly-motivated baseball players to complete an off-season transformation challenge.

These baseball players would want to:

  • Become leaders on the field and play with a new sense of confidence.
  • Become autonomous on the field because they have gained the trust of the coach.
  • Become committed to developing strong, injury resistant, and lean bodies.
  • Become an expert athlete and ultimately a COMPLETE baseball player.

If that sounds like someone you want your athlete to become, read on.

3 Reasons Why

THEIR CURRENT COACH: Although they mean well, your athlete’s high school, hitting/pitching and summer team coaches are not developing him optimally.

Each of those coaches specialize in baseball-specific skill development, which is definitely needed. But to become optimal, athletes need much more than sport-specific training.

To optimize specific skills, like swinging a bat and throwing a 5 oz ball, athletes need to enhance their physical abilities and guard against common injuries:

  1. He needs to get bigger and stronger because the competition at each subsequent level up is bigger and stronger than him.
  2. He needs more coordination and rhythm to enhance timing and footwork.
  3. He needs to produce more power because regardless of pitching and hitting ability throwing very hard and hitting the ball very far will drastically aid in the ability to advance quickly to the next level.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not 100% satisfied, I will refund your money after 6-weeks.

Very simple here: your investment is 100% guaranteed. If you or your athlete do not feel you are getting top-notch training and nutrition advice, ask for your refund.

PROFESSIONAL COACHING: Programs are designed by a highly educated & experienced strength and conditioning professional.

My name is Zack Byler, and I am not your mediocre, body-building or power-lifting personal trainer.

I am also not the former pro-athlete or D1 college athlete (18-23 years old) that trains youth athletes (14-18 years old) the way he/she used to train.

I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Conditioning.

I am a baseball guy to the core, and as such I specialize in developing the body and the arm to play baseball and reduce the chance of injuries.

I am an expert in designing strength and conditioning programs for youth athletes.

Every day I am optimizing the performance of my athletes, and they are seeing terrific results:

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“One of the best decisions I have ever made was to train at BEST. Coach Zack really knows his stuff and makes every workout enjoyable. I would not be where I am today without his help!”
– Craig Lewis, Sophomore center fielder at Seton Hill University Baseball

  • Lowered his 60 yard dash by .3 seconds, from 6.9 to 6.6
  • Increased ball exit velocity by 20 MPH, from 86 to 106
  • Increased weight from 165 to 195

BEST has prepared me for college athletics, it’s a great environment, and it has not only changed me as a person it has bettered me as an athlete. Zack knows exactly what he is talking about, and any question or exercise you need help with he has an answer for you. He is very motivating and pushes you to go harder and do better in the gym. I am the athlete I am today because of BEST.”
– Sara Price, Freshman basketball forward at Ball State University

How to Sign Up:

  1. Purchase the BEAST University 6 Week Transformation Challenge

Get Started

My process works like this:

  1. SIGN UP: Purchase the 6 Week Transformation Challenge for your BEAST University athlete.
  2. SCHEDULE: After I see you reserved your spot, I will call to schedule a BEST assessment with you and your athlete.
  3. ASSESSMENT: During the assessment we will assess movement capacity and competency and measure performance markers.
  4. TRACK RESULTS: At the assessment, we will record the before pictures, and performance markers. At the end of the challege we will retake pictures and retest all the performance markers.
  5. GET BEASTOn October 9th, we will begin training for 6 week. This is a commitment, and requires top priority. No many coaches tell athletes this enough, but no other kind training in the off-season is more important than being in the weight room – including fall ball season and basketball open gyms.