New Year – Drop a Quarter In A Quarter CHALLENGE!

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Pictured: Past winner, was our 2017 Fall Transformation Challenge winner!

Alright, BESTies and future BESTies, time to do it!

This time it is going to be bigger than ever! 

It’s a new year, and everyone’s resolutions are at the top of their mind. If getting fitter is on your list, I would love to help you at the BEST Gym!

Let me introduce the (drum roll)…

New Year Drop a Quarter In A Quarter Challenge. 


This is a 10 week transformation challenge, and people are going to be dropping LBS and sporting awesome before and after photos like nothing you have ever seen. All these successful transformation pictures were done in 6 weeks or less, so what happens if we lock in the focus for just a bit longer?

“…But Zack, 10 weeks is a long time!”

I know, I know. But, the statistic for new year resolution success is around 8%. People get gung-ho with admirable lifestyle changes and they really want to succeed, but then they run out of steam because they do not have a plan, they do not have social support and they have no accountability.

At BEST you are going to get all of that – it’s called coaching and I am kind of a professional at that. Because of those things you are going to get pretty damn fit and feel much better in 10 weeks. [insert Donald Trump voiceover] BELIEVE ME!

OK, put simply:

The BEST Transformation system has been very successful and it will simplify your fat loss journey in a way that no one else has been able to. So, give BEST 10 weeks to give you more than just a head start on your new year fitness resolution. I want you to complete the resolution before half the year is over. 

Your 10 week journey starts Monday January 22, 2018 and ends March 31, 2018.

Join us!

Embrace The Challenge Package


  • Two payments of $249.99 (5 weeks apart) reserves UNLIMITED sessions per week.
  • BEST Transformation Success Manual
  • BEST Recipe Manual
  • 10 weeks of nutrition habit plans delivered through email
  • Weekly meal trackers
  • Connect with Coach Zack & other challengers for personal motivation via private Facebook page

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Trial The Challenge Package


  • 1 payment of $249.99 reserves 3 training sessions per week for 4 weeks
  • BEST Transformation Success Manual
  • 4 weeks of nutrition habit plans delivered through email
  • Weekly meal trackers
  • Connect with Coach Zack & other challengers for personal motivation via private Facebook page

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  • 1st Place –$1,000 or 25% off any 18 or 12 month membership
  • 2nd Place – 25% off any 18 or 12 month membership.
  • 3rd Place – 2 months free for any 18 or 12 month membership

Results are based on a subjective assessment of before and after photos and total weight lost. Votes from all challengers and BEST clients will be taken in-house. All challengers cast a single vote, and the person with the most votes is the winner.

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Weekly Training Availability

Day Morning Evening
Monday 5:30a, 6:15a, 7:30a, 9a 5:30p, 6:15p
Tuesday 6:15p
Wednesday 5:30a, 6:15a, 7:30a, 9a 5:30p, 6:15p
Thursday 6:15p
Friday 5:30a, 6:15a, 7:30a, 9a  –
Saturday 9a  –


  • Beginning weigh-in must take place between January 20 and January 27.
  • Final weigh-in must be completed between March 31 and April 6th.
  • All contestants must complete the information and liability forms.
  • All contestants are recommended to complete three (3) workouts per week and stay at least 90% compliant with nutrition habits for maximum results.
  • Mandatory weigh-ins are done every two (2) weeks at BEST. If any challenger misses a weigh-in, he/she will be disqualified from the prizes. You must complete your weigh-ins before the deadline dates. (It is the responsibility of each challenger to weigh-in before the deadline, not that of the Byler Elite Strength Training team).
  • To be win prizes contestant must allow BEST to use photos and any other results for any marketing purposes.
  • Weigh-ins will take place without shoes, with shorts and a t-shirt; any other clothing is the challenger’s decision.
  • A minimum of ten (10) challengers must enter for cash prizes to be eligible. If at least ten (10) challengers do not register, no cash prizes will be given.
  • No refunds are given after the first week of the challenge.

Your New Year Transformation Challenge starts
Monday, January 22, 2018!

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