Maximum Strength – How It Happens

Maximum strength is something every human has; it is something required to simply live life. Some people have higher levels of maximum strength than others, but everyone has a level their body can reach. Yet, I often speak with people that have a misperception of strength and how muscle mass is related to it. So … Continue reading Maximum Strength – How It Happens

BEST is moving!

There is no turning back now! Building up the new location for Byler Elite Strength Training is happening. Aside from final touches to the locker room, paint is coming to a finish. Rubber flooring was installed, equipment is being opened and assembled and turf is on the way. For those who don't know, BEST will now … Continue reading BEST is moving!

Strength training for kids? Most definitely!

PSA: Stop confusing strength training with weightlifting, body building or powerlifting. They are not the same. For kids, controlled movements are key. Coaches should always have a special emphasis on proper technique and safety. Check out one of my last classes with a few athletes who are members of BEAST University. Results don't come overnight for anyone. The goal is to get … Continue reading Strength training for kids? Most definitely!