Conditioning is Like Budgeting

Recently, I accepted an assistant coaching job for the Howland High School girls varsity soccer team. I am really excited to work in a team atmosphere again, especially a soccer team. The dynamic nature of soccer is super interesting to me and the conditioning needed to play the game is such a huge determinant of … Continue reading Conditioning is Like Budgeting

Strength training for kids? Most definitely!

PSA: Stop confusing strength training with weightlifting, body building or powerlifting. They are not the same. For kids, controlled movements are key. Coaches should always have a special emphasis on proper technique and safety. Check out one of my last classes with a few athletes who are members of BEAST University. Results don't come overnight for anyone. The goal is to get … Continue reading Strength training for kids? Most definitely!

Are you ‘watching what you eat’, or simply, not eating?

In conversation with many people, I hear the phrases, "I watch what I eat," or "I know how to eat 'clean'." I always listen with skepticism, but I resist my righting reflex and probe further to find out exactly what people "know." The reason I listen with skepticism is not because I think people are not smart enough or completely unaware of what … Continue reading Are you ‘watching what you eat’, or simply, not eating?