Are you ‘watching what you eat’, or simply, not eating?

In conversation with many people, I hear the phrases, "I watch what I eat," or "I know how to eat 'clean'." I always listen with skepticism, but I resist my righting reflex and probe further to find out exactly what people "know." The reason I listen with skepticism is not because I think people are not smart enough or completely unaware of what … Continue reading Are you ‘watching what you eat’, or simply, not eating?

Good Nutrition

Good Nutrition controls energy balance, whether the goal is to have positive or negative energy balance, you must be aware of how much you are eating.Good nutrition provides nutrient density regardless of body weight goals. Gaining weight is not an excuse to make poor nutrient choices, and losing weight is not an excuse to eat … Continue reading Good Nutrition

Hierarchy of Fat Loss

Every single day I walk into my gym, and I see people tearing it up on the treadmills, elliptical, spin bikes, etc., and they love it! I don't blame them; at least they are exercising. Most of the people on these pieces of equipment are people that I am probably safe in assuming are attempting … Continue reading Hierarchy of Fat Loss