Conditioning is Like Budgeting

Recently, I accepted an assistant coaching job for the Howland High School girls varsity soccer team. I am really excited to work in a team atmosphere again, especially a soccer team. The dynamic nature of soccer is super interesting to me and the conditioning needed to play the game is such a huge determinant of … Continue reading Conditioning is Like Budgeting

BEST is moving!

There is no turning back now! Building up the new location for Byler Elite Strength Training is happening. Aside from final touches to the locker room, paint is coming to a finish. Rubber flooring was installed, equipment is being opened and assembled and turf is on the way. For those who don't know, BEST will now … Continue reading BEST is moving!

Why are you doing plyometric exercises?

This is a post is actually a discussion post that I wrote for my master's program, so it may be a little science heavy for some of you. Over the next 10 weeks I will examining in depth the implementation of plyometric exercises, and this was the first post of the quarter. I felt I … Continue reading Why are you doing plyometric exercises?

Exercise Vault: Slideboard Hamstring Curls

The exercise I am showing today is one that you probably have not seen before. One reason you haven't seen any one doing a Slide Board Hamstring Curl is because it uses some equipment that isn't in your typical gym. The super, creative name gives away the piece of equipment that you need to make … Continue reading Exercise Vault: Slideboard Hamstring Curls