Going into Coach Byler’s training I was excited because when I lifted with him before he graduated and came back from Cressey Performance, he seemed to have a good grasp of lifting and proper technique. When I came back from school after having a good freshman year I got in touch with Zack; I wanted to train with him again. He explained to me the reasons for the different exercises and techniques we would be focusing on. Just talking to him about how the body works was amazing. When we began lifting he was throwing new exercises at me that I haven’t seen anywhere. Also he made the workout sport specific to help me with the demands of playing baseball. At the beginning of the training I weighted 168lbs and in three and half short months I gained 12lbs of solid muscle. I can run faster and jump higher than ever before. Zack’s training knowledge succeeds anyone else’s around the area. You will not regret training with him and becoming a part of BEST!

― Cody K.