I started strength training with Zack Byler in May of 2012 and I can confidently say he has since inspired me to live a strong healthy lifestyle.  Zack put me through a thorough assessment to see where I was at physically; talked me through what I wanted to accomplish and how we could successfully do it together. Following my assessment, he designed a month long program that tracked my progress from week to week. Zack’s program has helped strengthen my muscles and my previously weak joints. He taught me new ways to strengthen my body and lose unwanted body fat.

My original goal was to strengthen my back/knees and get my body into the physical shape required to make it as a professional cheerleader. Currently my joints are no longer causing me problems and I am proud to say I am an NFL Cheerleader Ambassador for the Washington Redskins.

Unfortunately since I relocated Zack is no longer my trainer but I learned so much from working one-on-one with him that I was confident enough to keep training on my own. I used his programs as guidance (and bombarded him with questions) to confidently step in the gym on my own and continue getting stronger. I have just completed my first fitness show and won first place in the novice figure division of The 33rd N.G.A. Annapolis Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships.

Zack worked closely with me to help accomplish my short term goals and has since inspired me to change my lifestyle completely for the better. Whether you’re a person looking to gain more confidence in your looks or an athlete looking to improve performance I cannot recommend Zack Byler enough… he’s the BEST.

― Jillian A.