BEST Fit Camp

BEST Fit Camps are for ages 18+. This is a small group training model, and as such it has a coach to client ratio of 1:9. In this group training model there is a singular program that all clients follow for 4-weeks before progressing to a new training program. Other than intelligent program design, the thing that separates the BEST Fit Camps from ALL competitors is that we use a personal and thorough assessment of movement prior to admitting a new client into the BEST Fit Camp. NO ONE pays attention to as much detail as we do. This training model is suitable for anyone because for each exercise prescribed there is at least one progression or regression that is suitable for each individual.

# of Sessions and Price Per Month
Memberships Unlimited Sessions 3 sessions/week
 2 sessions/week
BEST – 12 months  $299.99/mo  $249.99/mo  $199.99/mo
STANDARD – 6 months  $349.99/mo  $299.99/mo  $249.99/mo


  • FREE BEST Assessment
  • Up to 10 BEST Fit Camp Training Sessions
  • $225 Value
$149.99 » Ask How!