Semi-Private Training

At BEST we offer Semi-Private Training for adults.

The semi-private training model has a coach to client ratio of 1:5. Semi-private training blends the individuality and privacy of private training with the comradery of a small group.

At BEST we use a proprietary program design tool that allows the Program Director and Head Coach to keep up to date assessments and make changes to programs in order to keep it as individualized as possible. Other than intelligent program design the other things that separate BEST from everyone else are the systems and education we have in place to (1) truly hold you accountable for your training sessions and nutrition habits and (2) build a supportive community that is along for the journey with you.

Here’s what you can expect in our semi-private programs:

  • Small Group Training Sessions
    • Semi-private training model – 1 coach to 5 clients per training session
    • Total membership inside of Byler Elite Strength Training limited to ONLY 100 people – adults and athletes – so membership at BEST is exclusive.
  • Results – If you are not satisfied at some point along your journey, then we will give you money back. That is a 100% Guarantee. The results BESTies most often experience:
    • 10-30 lbs of weight loss
    • 10-20 total inches lost,
    • Aches and pains reduced/gone,
    • Confidence restored,
    • Confusion about what to do and how is removed.
  • Education
    • Monthly individualized training programs
    • BESTies Online Inner Circle:
      • Exercise demonstration videos
      • In depth exercise technique videos
      • Nutrition playbook for fat loss
      • Nutrition playbook for muscle gain
      • Recipe and food prep playbook
      • Conditioning Playbook
        • 8 week conditioning program
      • Archive of various training programs
      • At Home Gym Playbook
  • Accountability – This is a three pronged approach:
    • You will schedule all your training sessions in advance and we will keep track of your attendance – your goal is 100% on training session attendance.
    • You will be texted, and emailed weekly to report on nutrition habits or other trouble-shooting issues.
    • On a monthly basis you will fill out a short survey so that you can stay checked in on your mental and emotional health during the process, and so that we can determine if we are on track or off track. This is accountability for you AND us.
Semi-Private Training Pricing Options
Memberships # of Sessions
# of Sessions
12 Month Discount prices:
12 month commitment

150 Sessions
12 x $300

 100 Sessions
12 x $200

6 Month Discount prices:
6 month commitment

 75 Sessions
6 x $330
 50 Sessions
6 x $230

Standard prices:
month to month

 12 sessions
8 Sessions

*If you are interested in Private Training sessions please contact us for pricing. We offer 8 and 12 training sessions per month for 3 month commitments.