Online Training

BEST Online Training was born out of the COVID19 quarantine, and we found it to be incredibly valuable and effective. In this model, we use Zoom meetings to host small group coaching sessions for up to 10 people. You will have a monthly program, with all the demonstration and technique coaching videos to support you, and you will have 8 to 12 coaching sessions per month to train in front of the BEST coaching staff. 

If you do not have equipment, it doesn’t matter. All programs can be done with body weight only, but if you have minimal equipment or even a fully stocked home gym, modifications can be made to the program to accommodate you and give you the best training experience.

This is for adults and athletes.

What you can expect from BEST Online Training:

  • Small Group Training Sessions
    • Small Group Training Model – 1 coach to 10 clients per coaching session. 
    • All coaching sessions can be done at any gym of your choice or at home.
      • As long as our coaches can see you and you can hear them, you can be coached during your training sessions from ANYWHERE.
    • Online membership is capped at 50 
  • Education
    • Monthly training programs that can be modified for your goals
    • BEST Inner Circle access (member’s online education portal)
      • Exercise demonstration videos
      • In depth exercise technique videos
      • Nutrition Playbook for fat loss
      • Nutrition playbook for muscle gain
      • Conditioning Playbook
        • 8 week conditioning program
      • At Home Gym Playbook
      • And more…
      • Movement assessments – may be scheduled for an additional charge. 
  • Accountability – This is a three pronged approach:
    • You will schedule all your training sessions in advance and we will keep track of your attendance – your goal is 100% on training session attendance.
    • You will be texted and emailed bi-weekly to report on nutrition habits or other trouble-shooting issues.
    • On a monthly basis you will fill out a short survey so that you can stay checked in on feelings of support, energy, confidence, and motivation to continue on the journey. This is accountability for you AND us.

Small Group Zoom Sessions – Ages 13+

Memberships # of sessions # of sessions
Month-Month commitment  12 sessions
 8 sessions

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