Online Training

In this model, we use Zoom meetings to host coaching sessions for up to 10 people. You will have a monthly program along with demonstration videos to support you, and 8 to 12 coaching sessions per month.

All programs can be done with body weight but if you have minimal equipment or even a fully stocked home gym, modifications can be made to the program to accommodate you and give you the best training experience.

What to expect:


  • 1 coach to 10 clients per session
  • Execute at any gym or at home (as long we can see and hear you can be coached anywhere)


  • Monthly programs that can be modified for your goals
  • BEST Inner Circle Access (member’s only online portal)
  • Exercise demonstration videos
  • In-depth exercise technique videos
  • Nutrition Playbook for Fat Loss
  • Nutrition playbook for Muscle Gain
  • At-Home Gym Playbook
  • Conditioning Playbook + 8 week program

Accountability – 3 steps!

  1. Schedule your training sessions in advance and we will keep track of your attendance. Your attendance goal should be 100%.
  2. Text and email bi-weekly to report on nutrition habits or other troubleshooting issues.
  3. Each month, fill out a short survey to check-in on feelings of support, energy, confidence and motivation to continue the journey. This is accountability for you and us!


 12 sessions$220/mo
 8 sessions$150/mo